We would like to congratulate our students who have completed their projects under the Civic Engagement Fellowship Program.    

Five projects were implemented this academic year, two in Hungary and two in Austria, and one working with organizations from both countries.  

All projects are based on real community needs and aim to make a difference in the lives of people in Hungary or Austria. 

We believe that civic engagement plays a vital role in building strong communities and shaping the future of societies.  

The program provided guidance, training and resources to help CEU students design, develop and implement their civic engagement projects.    



Udvar Festival

The Udvar Festival is a music, culture and arts festival in Arló, a village in one of Hungary's poorest counties, Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén. The Roma-majority village suffers from segregated housing, discrimination in the labour market and a general lack of educational and employment opportunities. The main aim of the festival is to bring together people who would not otherwise meet; to counterbalance negative prejudices with a platform that promotes intercultural personal experiences. The event takes place in a socio-economically disadvantaged area where a financially self-sustaining cultural event could barely take place.

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Project team: Peter Ujvari, Vera Riesz, Rahel Peterlini, Subham Manandhar, Tina Horvath  


Belamuhely Sound Art Team workshopThe Piliscsabai Tanoda is an after-school educational programme for children from socio-economically disadvantaged backgrounds in and around the town of Piliscsaba, Hungary. As well as focusing on improving the children's education through tutoring and homework help, Tanoda's role also extends to providing opportunities for creative and skills development programmes and activities, as well as offering personal mentoring based on the children's individual needs.   

As part of the project, a music workshop was organised for the children in cooperation with the Bélaműhely Sound Art Team. 

In addition, as part of the project, a two-day organisational development training workshop was organised, facilitated by an external organisation specialising in capacity and community-building strategies for civil society movements.

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Project by Luca Szollosi


The CEU Student Think Tank was founded in the academic year 2022-2023. In its first year, the initiative developed 4 projects in partnership with 4 civil society organisations from 3 different countries (Austria, Hungary and the Netherlands). In total, the CEU Student Think Tank brought together 21 students from all degree levels, working together to promote a positive future. On 16 May, the CEU STT organised an event where representatives of partner organisations and student teams came together to present their projects and developments to the CEU community.

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Project team: Tina Horvath, Rebeca Marques Rocha, Marton Vida



Philosophy workshop - team

A philosophy workshop was organised for the students of Absberggasse secondary school. The project aims to take philosophy out of the academy and introduce young thinkers to philosophical questions, ideas and skills. The first principle of the workshop is to do philosophy, but not to teach philosophy.

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Project team: Xiyue Yang, Darren Steven Rondganger, Sun Parker Schuette, Parisa Ahmadi, Shabnam Singla, Brylea Hollinshead


Supporting Romanian agricultural workers with language training. The project aimed to improve the structural vulnerability of migrant workers in a Viennese greenhouse complex through a free German language course, consisting of a specially trained language teacher and a tailor-made curriculum to support their everyday life and administrative obligations in Austria.

Project by Paul Sperneac-Wolfer


These projects serve as inspiration for the whole community, demonstrating the transformative potential of civic engagement. By empowering and supporting our students' ideas and initiatives, we can create a better future for all.