Culture Hub

CEU Culture Hub is dedicated to bring a wide array of cutting-edge, thought provoking, and fun in-house events to CEU and to encourage the CEU community in initiating, developing and organizing their own projects.  

Since 2003, with former Center for Arts and Culture, we have been organizing up to 40 events and projects yearly, hosting exhibitions, film screenings, concerts, dance workshops, as well as academic projects featuring outstanding cultural scholars. With our legacy of a strong and diverse cultural network in Hungary, Culture Hub is on the mission to connect with the city of Vienna, local independent artists, festivals, communities and cultural institutions. The 10th district - Favoriten, will become our new home and a special dimension of our work, ​partnering with organizations in the district and beyond. 

If you have innovative ideas on how to use the joint power of arts and academia in creating a more inclusive and open society, or reach out to new communities, institutions and individuals – get in contact with us!  

We are here to spotlight and showcase YOUR ideas - GET INVOLVED!  

Find us at:
Location: QS A606, CEU Vienna Campus