CEU encourages its community members to participate in civic engagement programs, enhancing their CEU experience while contributing to the needs of the broader community offering an opportunity to celebrate CEU's commitment to social justice and open society. Civic engagement is a good way to explore careers, apply coursework, fulfil personal values, and develop meaningful relationships and partnerships. In an effort to encourage participation, CEU offers Commitment to Civic Engagement recognition to community members according to the level of volunteer hours served. 

In keeping with the CEU mission, volunteer hours served must be in support of the values of open society, democracy, inclusivity, equality, tolerance, diversity, respect, and safety. 

Why should I participate? 

  • Contribute to real social change. 
  • Make a local and global impact. 
  • Note this activity on your resume. 
  • Explore and develop leadership skills through intentional reflection and relationship building. 
  • Obtain formal documentation of volunteer service hours, useful for higher education, jobs and internship applications. 
  • Enable the inclusion of formal civic engagement activity hours documents in applications for grants and funding for future civic engagement opportunities. 
  • Formally commit to the mission and values of CEU. 
  • Receive Certificate to Civic Engagement recognition at the end of the academic year. 
  • Meeting new people, being part of a team. 
  • Self-improvement and savouring creativity.