Student engagement is a key component of CEU’s mission to foster open society. CEU students, faculty, and staff actively engage with the community in their private as well as professional lives - sharing knowledge and expertise and collaborating with diverse partners in academia and across the public, private, and nonprofit sectors. 

CEU as an institution supports individual and collective efforts within the institution that identify and address the needs and issues of local communities. CEU’s research and knowledge production also contribute to our work in addressing existing community needs. 

Our approach to student engagement builds on equal partnership and dialogue with local, regional and global organizations, as well as with individuals. It is our belief that citizens are capable and willing to contribute ideas, energy and action to improve society and that these initiatives are more likely embraced if citizens themselves have a role in formulating them. Ideally, all segments of a community can and should be parallelly involved in community engagement activities. We strive to create and empower different actors in the CEU community to gather and channel their energy towards shared goals.