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The Socrates Project

The Socrates Project offers university-level courses in the humanities and social sciences to adults in the wider communities of Vienna and Budapest who have lacked educational opportunities in the past. We tackle important questions of life and society in a friendly atmosphere yet with academic rigour.  No qualifications are required to apply, other than enthusiasm, commitment, and a desire to delve into topics drawn from disciplines such as philosophy, history, literature, politics, art, and sociology. Our classes are small discussion groups led by university professors from CEU and other institutions.  

What our students say

The complex texts that we read in class took up a new dimension of understanding, and I continue to think about them to this day. Our teachers challenged and encouraged us. The discussions were extremely interesting thanks to the different approaches of each participant. The course broadened my horizon and opened new perspectives for me. I am astounded to have had this chance without a high school diploma!

— Peter, Socrates Course, Vienna 2021

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  • Do you have questions about our courses in Vienna?
  • Are you a qualified instructor in Vienna and interested in teaching for us?
  • Are you an organisation interested in partnering with us to expand educational opportunities in Vienna?

To get in touch write to our Vienna Coordinator, Eduard Lezcano:  

Who we are

The Socrates Project is a collaboration between Central European University in Vienna and Budapest, and Bard College in Berlin.  We are supported by a grant from the Open Society University Network.