The Socrates Project

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The Socrates Project                                                                        

The Socrates Project is a collaborative educational outreach program of the Community Engagement Office at Central European University and the Civic Engagement Initiative at Bard College Berlin. We offer free courses in the humanities and social sciences to adults outside the university community of Budapest, Vienna and Berlin who have lacked educational opportunities in the past, whether or not they have formally completed secondary school. Why do we do that?

Our experience is that discussion-based courses, where important questions of life and society are tackled in a friendly and welcoming and yet academically rigorous way, can offer a transformative experience for adults who have previously faced educational obstacles. By engaging in conversations with their peers and teachers, on a variety of interconnected topics, our students are empowered to keep educating themselves and to deepen their involvement in the cultural and civic lives of their communities.  People who previously might have thought they could never achieve at university discover that they can. 






What our students say

I began to think again, the way I don’t normally think in everyday life – in a more profound way, which is great. It’s so good to get a more comprehensive bird’s-eye view of things – which you tend to forget in the treadwheel you live in. It was amazing to study philosophy again for example.”  

— Judit, participant in the Socrates pilot, Budapest 2019

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Get in touch

  • Do you have questions about our courses in Vienna or Budapest?
  • Are you a qualified instructor in Vienna or Budapest and interested in teaching for us?
  • Are you an organisation interested in partnering with us to expand educational opportunities in Vienna or Budapest?

For any questions about The Socrates Project at CEU Budapest, write to our Budapest Coordinator, Máté Halmos: 

For any questions about The Socrates Project at CEU Vienna, write to our Vienna Coordinator, Eduard Lezcano:    

Who we are

The Socrates Project is a collaboration between Central European University in Vienna and Budapest, and Bard College in Berlin.  We are supported by a grant from the Open Society University Network.