Flora Laszlo

Director, Community Engagement Office

Contact information

Budapest, Nador u. 11
06 1 327 3000

Flora joined CEU in 2015 as civic engagement officer with the goal of setting up the civic engagement office and strengthening social responsibility and civic engagement at organizational level, intended to benefit the larger Budapest and Hungarian community and with the further aim of connecting CEU with the Hungarian public. 

In her current role she is responsible for the leadership of the Civic Engagement, Arts & Culture Unit, involving civic engagement, arts and culture and human rights activities. 

Beside her tasks as Director of the unit, she still manages several civic engagement projects, focusing to Hungary and to Austria, such as the Learn & Engage and the Widening participation programs. 

Prior to her time at CEU she acted as CEO of the Hungarian NGO Uccu Roma Informal Educational Foundation for eight years. She had a crucial role in establishing the organization in 2009. She remains in the Board, after handing over the leadership. 

Flora has a sociology MA, received at university ELTE, Budapest, Hungary. She benefited from fellowships from Université, Paris VIII, Sorbonne and University of Stirling, Scotland.