Peer advising at CEU

In order to provide extracurricular, emotional and other advice to students in an informal, safe, and accessible atmosphere, the Student Services Office coordinates the university's peer-to-peer advising program. The program is implemented as part of a broader initiative called “Partners in Wellbeing”, which was developed in collaboration with the CEU Student Union, the Student Wellbeing Support Club, HRSI and the relevant colleagues and units in the Student Services Office in the academic year 2017-2018. Programs and activities within the initiative aim at addressing well-being issues students might face during their studies at CEU. 

Information shared between Peer Advisors and Advisees must be kept confidential and may never be shared with any other third parties. 

Learn more about the program and sign up as a Peer Advisor by clicking on the sections below. 

Please note that it is compulsory to participate in the Peer Advising preparatory training sessions if you want to become a CEU Peer Advisor. 

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