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Application call: Faculty Training

Community-based teaching and learning: how to work with an external partner in my class?

#project-based teaching, #service learning, #experiential and engaged learning, #participatory and non-formal teaching methods

Collaborating with a non-profit organization in a course setting is like a modern art painting: looks quite simple, so why the fuss? Although there are projects where this is true, we know from experience that things can go difficult and complex quickly. It’s worth the planning to consider the many interests and factors of such an endeavor, than dealing with upcoming issues at instance along the way.

The training will show you how rewarding such a collaboration can be in your teaching practice – for you, for your students as well as for the community partners. Through inspiring course projects, we are going to introduce not only the successes but things that went wrong. In the second part, for those who wish to act upon the inspiration, you will have a chance to work on your course, with guidance as well as fellow faculty, in learning circles.

Training details

The training will have two occasions, in October and November 2023, that can be visited individually as well.

1st occasion: 1.5-hour hybrid event, open to public

2nd occasion: you can opt to participate in the online or the on-site workshop. The 4-hour events will look into the course design along a set of guiding questions and re-design methods. We will discuss individual opportunities and challenges with the help external experts of the international CIRCLET Project.

Application process

We are currently collecting anticipatory interest from academic staff. If you want to be kept informed of the training developments, please fill in this short form. This bears no commitment of participation.

I am interested, keep me informed

Formal application will open mid-August 2023, with specified training days and detailed agenda.