The OSUN Science Shop program uses course questionnaires and focus group discussions per stakeholder group as base methods to evaluate its projects. This framework is designed by Gabor Hera as external evaluator.

Gabor Hera is a researcher and a sociologist. As the founder and lead researcher of HOLO, he is responsible for the planning, monitoring and implementation of complex evaluations and impact assessments of multi-year international projects, especially in the NGO sector. He is also interested in the way restorative justice techniques and approach can be applied in different social contexts. He was a lecturer of methodology courses at four universities for 15 years. He is the co-author of the textbook “Methodology – Introduction to the Research of Social Phenomena. more information is available at heragabor.com

Focus group discussions are facilitated by Gabor Hera on BRACU and CEU and Maria Laktionkina on EHU.

The reports of the course projects of academic year 2021/2022 are available here:

PDF icon OSUN Science shop evaluation report CEU.pdf

PDF icon OSUN Science shop evaluation report EHU.pdf

In addition, we commissioned Ceren Cetinkaya, CEU PhD student, to do small research on evaluation and impact assessment methodologies and practices used by the science shops and similar units on universities across the world. Her work was carried out between March and June 2022.

PDF icon Final report on EIA research_2022.pdf