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If you need a piece of research that adds value to your work, let us know and we find someone at the university who can help you with that. It can be academic or applied research that supports you in what you do.

This program is available for individual citizens, informal groups as well as non-profit organizations that work for public good (e.g. civil society organizations, schools, museums, etc.).

community partner


“Flüchtlinge Wilkommen (Refugees Welcome) Austria submitted a request, looking for help to analyze the thousands of host offers and refugee accommodation requests they received over the years.

They knew the data could offer insights for their work but didn’t know how to process this, which statistical methods to use, and how to interpret the findings. Questions like which factors have a significant effect for a refugee to be matched to a host? Or has the war in Ukraine influenced hosts’ willingness to provide private housing?

This request was a perfect fit for the Applied Statistics Course where two students worked with FlüWI on the  co-designed hypotheses.”

Elisa Omodei | assistant professor | Dep. of Network and Data Science

Your request for research will be integrated into a university course, internship, or a thesis work. The cooperation is free of charge. The university benefits by providing meaningful, real-life challenges for students, and you can benefit from the work, skills and knowledge of academic staff and students. 

English is generally the language of cooperation but if that is not a possibility for you, we can offer to work with your research question in German.


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2022 / 2023 Academic Year:  English

2021 / 2022 Academic Year:  English or German

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