Civic Engagement Fellowship Application

October 12, 2023

CEU's Student Engagement Office welcomes applications for their Civic Engagement Fellowship in the Academic Year 2023-24 

We are launching the call hoping to realize civic engagement activities to be carried out until June 30, 2024.  

Description of the program   

CEU's Student Engagement Office welcomes applications for their Civic Engagement Fellowship. The program provides consultation, training, and resources to support CEU students in designing, developing, and delivering their own civic engagement projects. 

Students are encouraged to bring their own project ideas to bring about change to people in need in Austria and Hungary. 

Projects in the start-up phase requiring financial support can also apply for small funding of up to 1,000 EUR. 
The Civic Engagement Fellowship provides an opportunity for CEU students to apply their knowledge in practical endeavors. It also aims to offer support for building open and democratic societies that respect all human rights and human dignity.   

Application is open to students placed both in Hungary and Austria, but please keep in mind that the project should be realized in the country where you actually are. Travel reimbursement between Austria and Hungary is not applicable.   

 Structure of the Program   

  • The program has one application cycle.  
  • A Selection Committee decides on the applications
  • Upon being selected for the program, workshops on various project management-related topics and consultations will be provided to the participants.   
  • Program participants are expected to participate in at least one out of five workshops, organized by the Human RightS Initiative, during the academic year. 
  • A narrative report, including photos and/or videos of the activities, is to be submitted upon the completion of the project.   
  • If applicable, a financial report will also be required.   


 Selection Committee members:

  • Mate Halmos - Project Coordinator - Socrates Budapest
  • Andras Martoni - Science Shop Manager
  • Maja Skalar - Program Officer - OSUN Secretariat
  • Logan Strenchock - Environmental and Sustainability Officer


Selection Criteria   

The submitted project proposals should meet the following criteria:  

  • Applications can be submitted individually, or as a group, but each project should have one project owner.   
  • The purposes of the project align with CEU’s mission and values and/or support its activities. 
  • The application should meet the following areas: 

- Arts and Culture 
- Community building 
- Diversity, Equality, Inclusion 
- Education 
- Environment 
- Human rights 

  • The project and the planned activities are based on real community needs and seek to affect change in the lives of Austrian or Hungarian people.  
  • The project has the potential to achieve long-lasting results in the area addressed.   
  • For projects requesting financial support, the budget should be realistic and reflect the planned activities. *  
  • No political initiatives will be accepted for consideration.   
  • Existing and already running projects can also apply.  


In addition to the criteria mentioned above, projects with the following aspects are preferred:   

  • Projects building on strong partnerships with local communities.   
  • Projects showcasing innovative and creative methods in their implementation.   
  • Projects building on experience from similar previous activities/projects.   
  • Projects collaborating and strengthening partnerships with NGOs or institutions outside of CEU are strongly suggested 



The maximum amount of funding available per project is 1,000 EUR. The following types of costs can be accounted for:   

  • Direct costs related to the realization of the project activities (materials, services, meals and accommodation of project beneficiaries, etc.)   
  • Reimbursement of expenses of the project team related to the realization of project activities (travel, meals, accommodation, etc.)  
  • Please note that personnel costs (e.g., salary) cannot be covered from the funding.   
  • Projects will be reimbursed, conditional upon submission of necessary invoices. Guidance on exact submission procedures will be given by the Student Engagement Office.  


Application procedure and deadline  

  • Application form is available here: 
  • The application can be submitted online, submitting hard copies is not required. 
  • The deadline for submitting the applications is November 16, 12pm (noon) 2023.   
  • Late submissions and incomplete forms will not be considered.   
  • Applicants will be notified about the results of their applications within 15 days after the deadline via email.  

*Personal consultation is available before submitting the application.  


Please contact us if you have any questions at