Study Skills Meditation Workshops

February 22, 2022

Dear CEU Community, 

This is a short message to inform you that Study skills meditation workshops will be offered to you by Professor Erzsébet Strausz through the offices of Disability Services and Human Resources.

The goal of Study skills meditation workshops is to provide you with access to resources that you can benefit from and improve your writing/academic experience.  In case you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Professor Erzsébet Strausz via email:

This new series of thematic meditation-based workshops provide effective tools for both relaxation and sharpening focus, specifically concentrating on cultivating transferable professional skills and improving writing/academic experience. For 4 weeks we will engage some of the key aspects of academic study and professional life via karma yoga meditation and mindfulness practice. We will engage learning skills, work habits and our ability to ‘think outside the box’ through simple reflexive exercises and guided meditations, mapping out ways and hands-on solutions for transforming limiting patterns and exploring more creative, more caring ways of sensing, knowing, inhabiting what we do. 

Each session starts with a series of hands-on suggestions and short, reflexive exercises that enhance writing skills and introspection, followed by a guided relaxation and meditation practice. 


Instructor: Erzsébet Strausz 


Time: 18:00-19:20 (approx.) CET (Vienna) 


Thursday 3 March: Mindful learning (introduction with relaxation and basic meditation practice) 

Thursday 10 March: The magic of the moment: enhancing time-management and productivity  

Thursday 17 March: Transforming anxiety and feelings of ‘not good enough’ 

Thursday 24 March: Self-compassion as a path to (academic) knowledge, wellbeing, and confidence 

Zoom link for all sessions: 

Join Zoom Meeting  

Meeting ID: 920 9304 7481 

Passcode: 025853 

 Practical information: 

  • All are welcome, no previous experience required 
  • Sessions start with a short introduction of the theme and reflexive exercises during which there is also an opportunity to ask questions. The meditation practice itself will take about 50 mins. 
  • All sessions will be recorded and can be shared on demand – please email the instructor for access. Recordings of previous sessions on the themes of learning landscapes, transforming performance pressure, releasing writing blocks and unlocking creativity are also available from the instructor. 
  • Any individual sessions can also be attended. While the technique deepens with practice, familiarity is not a prerequisite to take part. 
  • Microphones will be muted upon entry and for the meditation part cameras will be switched off, but the instructor will remain visible. 
  • Please use the chat window for communication. 
  • Any questions or requests regarding the exercises, how to use or improve them, and suggestions regarding the themes of the sessions (or future sessions) are most welcome. Please email the instructor directly.