Students' interest

Those students who are eager to collaborate with non-profit organizations, filled in an application form with the Science Shop. Some of them are looking for a research question to work on, others are interested in an internship or volunteering opportunity. Behind each code below there is a student at CEU, and the database includes the topics they are passionate about

If you anyone's interest catches your attention, write us an email to with the their code(s) and we put you in touch. To make your search easier, hit "Ctrl + F" on your keyboard and type in a keyword (e.g. "gender", "ethics", "democracy", ...)

ST-23-01 education, access, inequalities, homeless, prisoners, reintegration I'm interested in anything education related. Mostly passionate about creating/looking for ways to reduce social inequalities through education (adult education, lifelong learning programs, reintegration of the homeless and ex-prisoners). I'd also enjoy working on projects that make information accessible and easily understandable for all. 
ST-23-02 democracy; public policy, populism Democratic theory; populism
ST-23-03 cognitive science, behavioural economics  Cognitive science, behavioural economics 
ST-23-04 energy, Europe Energy Transparency European Dimension 
ST-23-05 reproductive rigths/justice My main interests are reproductive rights, reproductive justice in/after armed conflicts, public policies on reproductive rights
ST-23-06 ethics, law, politics Ethics e.g. of law, of politics
ST-23-07 law Law
ST-23-08 gender, abuse and domestic violence Gender activism, sexual abuse and domestic survivors 
ST-23-09 language, power Discourse Theory, about how language proccesses are used to implement power 
ST-23-10 philosophy, politics, culture, history Political Philosophy and Contemporary Political thought, History of Emotions, Critical Theory, Political Culture
ST-23-11 business law, human rights,  international relations My fields of interest are business law, human rights and international relations.
ST-23-12 gender, health, economy, development I am interested in gender equality, it’s importance for economy of a country. Health economics policies and industrial development path of different countries.
ST-23-13 economics, policy Economic policy
ST-23-14 environment, society Environmental and societal issues 
ST-23-15 astrophysics, anthropology, personal image, public memory  Astrophysics, anthropology, commercialisation of personal image, what influences public memory 
ST-23-16 gender, history, art Queer studies, LGBTQ+ rights, history and theory of art
ST-23-17 social sciences, physics, film, urban studies I am interested social sciences, physics, film, urban studies.
ST-23-18 social media, democracy, digital communication Social media and democracy nexus, the impact of digitalized information on democratic processes and the issue of false information particularly - is the threat overstated or not?
ST-23-19 politics, communication, data analysis I’m keen on topic related to political communication. Within the framework on my graduate studies, I’ll be focusing on studying political behaviour and quantitative methods of data analysis. 
ST-23-20 law, constitutional law, employment law Law, (Constitutional Law employment law) 
ST-23-21 democracy, international relations I am mostly interested in aspects related to regime change, autocratization and democratization. However I am also interested in international relations as a whole and regional organizations such as the Three Seas Initiative.
ST-23-22 public policy, development, aid I’m interested in policy development and the sustainability of aid-related development in the global south.
ST-23-23 education, disability, gender, care work, migration I am interested in disability and gender issues, especially that I have my bachelor in Special Education. I am most interested in the field of gender-based violence, migration and care work.
ST-23-24 urban studies, memory, history, myth-making, guide My research focus now is in the field of urban memory studies, especially on places of memory as places of collective mnemonic practices and on memory as a symbolic space of
myth-making. I work as an IWalk educational historical guided tours guide and developer, using video testimonials in education
ST-23-25 environment, democracy sustainable development, recycling, democratisation
ST-23-26 democracy, domestic violence, bioethics, law, ethics I'm interested in protection of freedom of assembly, domestic violence, the quasi-judicial bodies functioning, bioethics (embryo status) and philosophy of law (law&ethics). I'm looking for participation in projects connected with these themes. 
ST-23-27 environment, climate, law, human rights Climate change law and human rights
ST-23-28 social impact, research, development Interested in research, development and social impact. Background in Economics, and experience with NGOs and International Organizations.
ST-23-29 politics, quantitative research quantitive research and analytics of political decision
ST-23-30 international relations, politics, philosophy International Political Thought (intersection of International Relations and Political Philosophy/Theory)
ST-23-31 education, gender Education actions for girls 
ST-23-32 degrowth, environment, economics Ways towards degrowth and feasibility of degrowth policy
ST-23-33 democracy, political extremes understanding and combatting far-right movements
ST-23-34 environment, climate, gender, disadvantaged Differentiated effects of environmental crisis on women and other traditionally marginalized groups.
ST-23-35 data science I am interested in the field of Data Science and its applications.
ST-23-36 democracy, geopolitics I would like to do research on local opinions of geopolitical events (I.e. popular opinion of war in Ukraine)
ST-23-37 community, urban studies, poverty, anthropology of dance expanding empathy circles, community-building, urban studies and global poverty, anthropology of dance 
ST-23-38 indigenous communities, environment, international relations Socio-environmental projects with indigenous communities and grassroots organizations. Climate Justice, international cooperation and nature based solutions.
ST-23-39 business, human rigths, corporate social responsibility I am interested in making a research on business an human rights. I am ready to volunteer for organizations working with business and human rights, corporate social responsibility, women’s rights, children’s rights (and human rights in general)
ST-23-40 business Business
ST-23-41 artificial intellgience, data analysis I am keen on machine learning, AI, data analysis
ST-23-42 gender, etnography I’m interested in femininity, masculinity and (de)construction of heteronormativity/sexuality within the BDSM culture based on an ethnogrophical and autoethnographical research.
ST-23-43 environment, urban, climate, education, photography, marine I am interested in climate justice, climate diplomacy, sustainable urban planning, nature based solutions, adaptation and resilience, climate action in cities, marine conservation, inclusive teaching, scuba diving, and photography.
ST-23-44 environment, climate Climate change 
ST-23-45 philosophy, gender, language, politics Philosophy of gender, philosophy of language, political philosophy 
ST-23-46 environment, energy, policy, impact I'm interested in green energy policy research. I would focus on the ways toward creating effective policies that encourage renewable energy adoption and reduce environmental impact. My goal is to help drive the transition towards a greener, more sustainable energy future.
ST-23-47 environment, nature, language The environmental crisis and our attitudes towards the world's resources as "ours" to use. The Earth as an inter-dependent ecosystem and the language and ideas we use to highlight/ignore this fact. 
ST-23-48 environment, climate, international relations, activism, energy Climate change, international politics, activism, energy
ST-23-49 social media, marketing, art, film, gender, psychology I’m interested in Social Media, and i also have experience in marketing and this field in general. My other interests are art, filmmaking, media, social sciences, psychology, feminism
ST-23-50 human rigths, social work, gender, migration, sociology of emotions Human rights, social work, sociology of emotions, labor market, women rights, refugee policy, emotional work
ST-23-51 food insecurity, homelessness I am interested in learning about and serving communities who suffer from food insecurity and homelessness.
ST-23-52 gender, technology, democracy, free / hate speech Gender Inequality and law, Modern Technology and Women's Rights, gender based violence, free speech and hate speech
ST-23-53 journalism, media, human rights, law, film, philosophy Journalism, media, human rights, law, film, philosophy
ST-23-54 tourism, international relations I am interested in tourism and foreign policy more broadly.
ST-23-55 human rigths, law, post-colonial Human rights and their complex relationship within international law, national law and effectively enforced provisions in post-colonial countries.
ST-23-56 international relations, Europe, quantitative research International Relations, Europe, quantitative research
ST-23-57 nationalism, justice, discrimination, democracy Right to nationality, statelessness, access to justice, discrimination 
ST-23-58 human rights, gender, justice, development, sustainability I am interested and have plenty of academic experience working with human rights issues (access to law, gender issues, international justice). Moreover, I would really like to work in projects related to development and sustainability. 
ST-23-59 education, policy Higher Education Policy 
ST-23-60 human rights, culture, politics, philosophy human rights, culture studies, politics, philosophy
ST-23-61 queer, gender, culture Queer narratives in popular culture, specially ones that deal with the past as a way of reclaiming it in some way or other. How queer people in Portugal deal with their individual and collective past, specially comparing to the queer narratives in popular culture and their use of the past.
ST-23-62 human rigths, gender, democracy Human rights law: right of speech, right of assembly, gender equality rights 
ST-23-63 democracy, elections, digital, Europe I’m a public policy master student and I’m doing a one-year programme at ceu. I chose the quantitative analysis specialisation so I’m looking for something where I can actually apply those quantitative skills I am acquiring in practice. Speaking about the concrete field of my interests, it is broad, I’m interested in the hybrid authoritarian regimes and in different electoral manipulations. I’m also fond of digitalisation and one of the term papers I wrote was devoted to the influence of the introduction of the distant electronic voting on the political regime dynamics in Russia. I also wrote my BA thesis on the impact of digitalisation on the quality of governance in democracies and non-democracies. I also like the EU migration policy topic and more or less is aware of different areas of the EU policy 
ST-23-64 peace, crisis, communities I’m interested in peace building. Crating project that will deal with crisis and build up better communities.
ST-23-65 migration, development, Arab, in exile, knowledge production Knowledge production in Exile of the Arab young scholars who left their countries after the Arab Spring. Besides, I have a background in political economy BA and previous Master’s from Hamburg University. So, I also include development and migration studies perspectives in my work.
ST-23-66 politics, communication, sociology I am interested in links between different subjects such as politics, communication and sociology. I am also attracted by the technological changes and the consequences on the society.
ST-23-67 public policy, gender, discrimination, diplomacy I'm interested in topics related to Global Public Policy, Public Affairs, diplomacy and equal rights (specifically concerning LGBTQ+-right). Previously, I did research on the effectiveness of policies aiming to fight etnic discrimination through the Perceived Etnic Discrimination Questionnaire and comparative policy analysis. Additionally, I did an research on creating a sense of belonging during COVID-19 through Honours Programs at Universities, which resulted in a published academic paper.
ST-23-68 education, HR, conflict, crisis, history I am interested in HR and Learning&Development and looking for opportunities with such a focus. My research is devoted to the Cold War history and I also would be most eager to contribute to NGOs and think-tanks specializing in armed conflicts, non-proliferation 
ST-23-69 internatioanl relations, democracy, corruption IR, anticorruption
ST-23-70 community, humanitarian aid, conflict, crisis,  Public international law and comparative constitutional law with the emphasis on community development, humanitarian aid and support ( as I work currently for an NGO), conflict resolution;
crisis- project management, fundraising for NGOs, public relations inter organisations. Additionally, urgent gender, refugee/asylum seekers and educational questions would be raised as part of my research. My thesis topic is on emergency constitutions.
ST-23-71 gender, policy, development Feminist foreign policy, feminist development policy 
ST-23-72 poverty, inequalities, housing, education, digital, integration My interests revolve around the fight against inequality and discrimination, poverty alleviation, social housing, and integration, but I'm also interested in education and, more broadly, information through digital media.
ST-23-73 urban, international relations, Visegrad countries I am really interested in urban developments, so I would love to have an internship in an organisation, which deals with the daily issues and challenges of the city of Vienna. Moreover I am really eager about the relations between the Visegrad countries and Austria, as a Hungarian, who is doing his Masters in Prague and his Erasmus in Vienna I would love to learn more about the relations of these countries. 
ST-23-74 Law, dispute, mediation, international My field is regarding international arbitration and mediation, mainly alternative dispute resolutions as a flexible took to solves disputes. 
ST-23-75 environment, energy Renewable Energy Incentives/Subsidies
ST-23-76 religion, science, philosophy, politics, education, activism I'm interested in philosophy of religion, religion&science dialogue and in philosophy of politics. Although I tend to be interested in topics that are very theoretical (e. g. concept of God, logical coherence of certain religious doctrines, marxist theory history etc.), I am very interested in participating in base-community movements, workers activism and alike. I also have a passion about teaching in the ways developed by Paulo Freire and the so called Critical Pedagogy School that was inspired by him.
ST-23-77 human rights, migration I specialize in human rights, specifically EU refugee and migration law and European human rights - but I am also versatile in other fields of international law and domestic human rights instruments. I am interested in putting my legal knowledge to help NGOs. 
ST-23-78 human rights, sustainability, politics, democracy, community, activism I am an ardent adherent of human rights, sustainable development, and political stability. To be able to promote such essential values, I am very eager to engage with my community through civic activism. Furthermore, I am exceptionally keen to learn from my community, hence I am open to any opportunities or suggestions that my community partners may have. 
ST-23-79 urban, memory, education, museum I am interested in research in memory studies, specifically in the field of urban memory.
I am a member of a journal editorial team, an IWalk educational tour guide and educator, and a museum guide volunteer. My research interests also include oral history and museum studies.
ST-23-80 religion, art, gender, history My research interests lie in the field of contemporary oppositional, underground and countercultural Orthodox art in the post-Soviet space and especially in modern Russia. I am interested in the interaction of grand narratives of Orthodox art history, local discourses and personal stories of practitioners of religious and liturgical art, in particular representatives of the queer community and youth. I will be glad to take part in any curatorial, editorial or scientific activities in this area, and in the field of contemporary religious and liturgical art in general.
ST-23-81 Europe, mediation, international relations I am interested in researching the EU, particularly EU mediation. Furthermore, I would like to focus on Eastern Partnership countries, the Caucasus region, and Balkan states.
ST-23-82 gender, climate, environment, law, justice I am deeply interested in queer rights, intersection of gender with various policies and climate justice. As a professional lawyer with a keen interest in policy, I am open to learn new things and generally involve myself in various issues of social justice. 
ST-23-83 gender, data analysis, project management Project Management, Data Analysis, Finance, Gender Issues, however I am open for any suggestions and opportunities
ST-23-84 environment, society Environmental and social groups 
ST-23-85 migration, human rigths, peace Migration law, human rights, Palestinian state building and peace building
ST-23-86 gender, minority, development, activism, art Gender studies, minority groups, international development, queers, research, activism, art
ST-23-87 art, history, podcast Art History, especially the art of the 20th century (my thesis is about industrial artworks of the USSR and USA in 1920-30s). Also, I'm interested in podcast creation and even do my own podcast about art all by myself - from writing scenarios of episodes to editing and promotion.
ST-23-88 peace, justice, policy, evaluation, research War and peace studies, transitional justice, policy evaluation, researching
ST-23-89 history, Africa, Europe, media production, art I am interested in African history in European public spaces. I am interested in Audio and documentary production from a creative standpoint for any sociological or anthropological theme. I am interested in the intersection between art and academics.
ST-23-90 democracy, activism, participation, youth, deliberative democracy I am interested in non-governmental work connected to democracy and civic participation. In particular, I have experience working on political polarisation in the European context, youth participation, and deliberative democracy. However, I am happy to expand my focus based on your work and needs.
ST-23-91 human rights, community, security, housing, ownership Human Rights, community engagement, security sector reform, and local ownership of the security institutions (something that might be actually relevant in my current housing area (Favoriten) 
ST-23-92 social work, migration, education, youth, climate, peace, justice I am open to help wherever my help is needed - whether in a social context with children or migrants, in an educative context or with relevant administrative work. I can speak multiple languages, if that is of advantage. My other interests are in climate change, peace, social justice.