For Students

Science Shop wants to break down barriers between science and society. We call for universities to respond to the needs of communities, instead of acting as ivory towers of academia. We have so much to offer to each other: education and research can truly benefit from the rich knowledge and experience of the community - and vice versa.

What does that mean to you as a student?

We invite community partners (citizens and non-profit organizations) to submit research ideas that can be pursued by you as a student if you are eager to do good through your studies.

Their questions can become your thesis topic, capstone project, internship or volunteer gig.

The Science Shop is a "matchmaker", designed to faciliate the collaboration. We keep reaching out to citizens and organizations to bring you impactful topics & projects, and also keep a record of your interests in case it's a match with those.

It's important to underline that our mission is to respond to community needs, we are driven by the desire to create mutually benefitial collaborations between science and society, you/your studies and the non-profit partner. Finalising the research ideas is a process of co-creation but can never fail to lose its roots of the original intention to serve that community need. That is to say, if you have your research interest all worked out to the last detail, Science Shop is not your thing. We can only mediate if your research interest is open and flexible enough to respond to the community need. 

You say "I like this. How can I sign up?"

Please fill in this form so we can share your interest with our partner organizations. If you get stuck or have additional questions / remarks, do not hesitate to contact us at or pop by at room B607 on the 6th floor.